The heart of economics is currency.

When you use currency which was created by someone else, you become dependent on them the same way you would be dependent on someone who grows your food or supplies your water. 

The background videos below will show you who is creating the currency you (probably) use, how they create it, and what they are doing with that power.


'Evil World Banking' Explained In Less Than Two Minutes - John Perkins

The Mechanism Of Control - Ken O'Keefe 

It's A Wonderful Lie - Info Wars

The American Dream Film - The Provocateur Network 

Hidden Secrets of Money; Episodes 1-5 - Mike Maloney

Privileged Class vs. Peasant Class Part I   Part II - Jason Nelson

Century of Enslavement - Corbett Report

The Secret of Oz - Bill Still

The Creature From Jekyl Island - G. Edward Griffin

Freedom To Fascism - Aaron Russo

Fiat Empire - Cornerstone/Matrixx Entertainment 

Money and Debt - Crash Course

Ben Swann Audit The Fed Special Report - Ben Swann

Conquering The Spirit of Debt - Pastor Rod Parsley


Relationship to wars:

All Wars Are Bankers Wars - Michael Rivera

The Road To WWIII - Storm Clouds Gathering

The Rothchild Dynasty - Politics 2016

Apologies of an Economic Hitman - John Perkins



Deli Dollars and Berkshire Farm Preserve Notes - CBS News

Market Stamps - The Online Market.org

Mountain Hours - Mountain Hours

Kolioni - Al Jazeera