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Market Stamps are like gift certificates or IOU's,

but better because they are easy to trade.

Anyone can make them, they encourage local spending, and they fit in your wallet. 


Gift certificates are really just another form of currency.

This video shows business owners who created their own currency

and saved their farms, stores and restaurants:  

Deli Dollars and Berkshire Farm Preserve Notes

These videos show you how:

(with a Market Stamp twist)

Create Your Own Market Stamps 

Written instructions and more advantages are listed below.




Creating Market Stamps:  Anyone can create a Market Stamp.  The trick is getting someone to accept it.  In order to get someone to accept it from you, you must first determine which good or service you will use to 'back' your Market Stamps.  After that, you have to gain the trust of the people in your community you wish to purchase things from.  Trust can take time to develop, but once you have it, it's impossible for someone to freeze it, seize it or use it without telling you.  At that point you will no longer depend on a good credit score or a cash machine to get the currency you need.  You will simply create more Market Stamps!  Every time the Market Stamps you issue come back to you and you honor them, your circle of trust will grow and people will accept more and more Market Stamps from you in the future.  Over time, your honesty, hard work and ability to fulfill your promises will pay off!  But it will take time, so just because everyone can print their own does not mean everyone will become an instant millionaire.

Accepting Market Stamps: You might be thinking it would be a whole lot easier to only accept Federal Reserve Notes and not bother with "fake money".  In a way, you're right, it would be easier.  But please read through all the Advantage of The Market Stamp System and see if you might be willing to accept a small amount of Market Stamps from certain people in whom you have confidence.  



1. They Multiply Your Wealth

When you issue and spend a Market Stamp, you are creating your own currency and backing it with a good or  service that is inexpensive for you to produce, then buying an item from someone else for full retail price.  For example, if you own a farm and it costs you $1 to produce a pound of potatoes, and you normally sell those potatoes for $5, you can create a Market Stamp "good for one pound of potatoes" and trade that Market Stamp for an item worth $5.  You just bought a $5 item with a $1 promise.  Can you do that with Federal Reserve Notes?

2. You Can Raise Quick Cash And Get Out Of Debt   

Like the businesses in the Deli Dollars video above, you can sell your Market Stamps for Dollars and use the Dollars to pay off debts.  Then instead of making loan payments consisting of your premium plus interest plus late fees, you'd be paying back the people who bought your Market Stamps with the goods or services you promised on your Market Stamps.  It's much easier to redeem a Market Stamp with goods and services than it is to make loan payments with Dollars.

3. You Print Them Yourself

This means you will never need a cash machine or a teller window to get cash.  If they get stolen from you, you can just cancel the stolen ones and print more.

4. They Give You Control

Because Market Stamps are de-centrally issued, no single person or small group will have control of YOUR currency.  When you issue your own currency, YOU have control.  You know exactly how much has been put into circulation and for what it was used.  When someone else does it for you (a central bank), you really have no way of knowing for sure what they are doing with it or where it's at.  It is possible that they could be issuing currency you don't know about and using it to do things you don't approve of.  (like bribing politicians, developing GMO's, buying large media outlets, bailing out large banks and corporations, hiring hit men or arming terrorists)  When someone else is doing it for you, it is possible they could be using the currency to make sure they NEVER get audited.  Why take the chance?  Just create your own!

5. They Will Limit Wars

Because Market Stamps are de-centrally issued, no single person or small group will have the ability to raise the type of funds it requires to buy weapons of mass destruction or fleets of Toyota trucks and pay people to use them to attack anyone else for any long periods of time.  This will minimize all wars and make world war almost impossible. 

6. They Encourage People To Be Nice

Since no one will accept a Market Stamp from someone they do not know, like or trust, everyone will be encouraged to talk to each other, be honest with each other and be nice to each other!  Everyone will work to convince others that they are worthy of issuing Market Stamps.

7. They Give Nice People A Second Chance

Nice people who have some friends but who have also made mistakes in their past have an opportunity to get started immediately.  Their grades, credit score and arrest record are secondary in importance to their abilities and the relationships they have in their community.

8. They Will Reduce Panhandling

Instead of someone asking you to GIVE them currency, they will have to ask you to ACCEPT THEIR currency.  And in order for them to convince you to accept their currency, they are going to have to develop a relationship with you.  Pretty soon they'll be working to redeem all the Market Stamps they issued to you (and others) and pretty soon they won't be panhandling any more. 

9. The System Is Self-Auditing

When you feel nervous that an issuer has issued more Market Stamps than they can redeem, you can easily do an "audit" by simply redeeming the Market Stamp with the issuer.  This is the equivalent of a "bank run".  The issuer IS the bank.  An "audit" or "bank run" will not require large amounts of people demanding government votes or regulations.  It will only require one nervous person at a time, simply redeeming their Market Stamps. 

10. They Encourage Local Spending

Since most people tend to live close to those with whom they have relationships, there's a great chance that the Market Stamps people issue will remain "local".  Also, it will be much easier to "audit" and be "audited" by someone who lives close to you.

11. The System Controls Inflation

Inflation is caused in 2 ways; 1. When the amount of currency in a community grows faster than the amount of available goods and services, an imbalance is created.  Prices rise in order to offset this imbalance.  Every "audit" and "bank run" will ensure that the balance is maintained.  So in effect YOU will be controlling inflation every time you redeem a Market Stamp with it's issuer.  2. When you use currency others have created for you and they have a monopoly on it's creation, they have the power to set and increase interest rates.  Higher interest rates can cause inflation.  When you create your own currency, you break their monopoly and eliminate their ability to set and increase interest rates.  (This is what Abraham Lincoln did when he issued Greenbacks)

12. They Give "Power To The People"

This is because Market Stamps are backed with goods and services.  This is beneficial for two reasons; 1. Since there are so many goods and services to choose from, almost everyone has something with which to back them and therefore almost anyone can be an issuer of their own Market Stamps.  2. Unlike gold and gold mines, goods and services are not scarce items that are relatively easy to monopolize.  This will help Market Stamps remain de-centrally issued forever. 

13. They Will Help Protect The Environment

When currency is backed with a scarce commodity like gold, people tend to value gold above almost everything else.  This means everything that cannot be harvested and turned into gold (or turned into paper that used to represent gold) is considered worthless and treated as such.  Market Stamps value many different things, so value will be more evenly distributed.  Instead of everything being traded FOR gold, everything will BE "gold".  There will be more balance.  More balance means more harmony with the environment.   

14. They Will Help End Hunger

Because everyone needs food, the most easily traded Market Stamps will be those which are backed with food.  Food producers will become the most valued members of society.  This will encourage food producers to produce more, and will encourage more people to become food producers.  Over time, food production will be more evenly distributed around the world.  People will grow it indoors, outdoors, in front yards, on rooftops and in basements.  This will help make food accessible to more people, and will help protect against catastrophes and the threats of food centralization.  The price of food will then come down. 

15. You Don't Need To Convince Anyone Else To Issue

You only need to convince people to ACCEPT the Markets Stamps YOU issue.  If you're the only person on your continent issuing Market Stamps, that's FINE!  You will get the same personal benefits either way.  This makes it easier for you to get started.  What's more, you don't have to wait for any group decisions to be made.  You don't have to to sign up, join any club, register anywhere or get on any kind of directory or list.  The only people who even need to know about what you are doing are the people who are accepting and trading the Market Stamps you issue. 

16. You Can Secure Future Business

When someone buys or accepts a Market Stamp from you, they are probably going to return to redeem it.  When they do, they may buy more than they intended and they may bring friends with them who will also make purchases.

17. They Are A Form Of Advertising

Every Market Stamp is like a fusion of your currency and your business card.  When people pass your Market Stamp around, it's like they are passing your business card around.  They will be talking about you and thinking about you.

18. They Protect Your Buying Power

If the value of a pound of potatoes rises, but you have a Market Stamp "redeemable for a pound of potatoes" (for example), your Market Stamp will also rise in value.  This protects your buying power.

19. There Is No Usury

Usury is another term for interest, and the central banks of the world charge interest on the currency they create for you and put into circulation.  They call it 'interest on the national debt'.  If you are issuing currency to yourself, you probably aren't going to charge yourself interest on it.  The same goes for everyone else.  The amount of interest accumulating on the "national debt" is now about $500B per year.  So that's how much we could be saving as a group.  These savings could be reinvested into your health, your family's health, your community, etc.  Like Paul Wellstone once said "When we all do better, we all do better".  Get rid of usury, and we'd all do a whole lot better.

20. Miscellaneous

Because they are the size of credit cards and have simple artwork, they are easily traded, easy to stack and count, they fit in your wallet, and they're cheap and easy to print.  



Step 1;  Download the Market Stamp artwork.  (right click and save) Save multiple copies on different computers and drives to make sure you never lose it.  A decent graphic artist should be able to recreate these entire images in less than 30 minutes if they need to.


Step 2;  Customize the artwork by filling in the blanks.  Defining Your Good Or Service  Decide which product or service you wish to use to "back" your Market Stamps.  For example; one pound of potatoes.  The product or service you choose will determine the value of your Market Stamps.  Make sure to list a specific, measurable quantity.  When you are done, you'll want it to look something like this:


Step 3;  Print.  Printing Your Market Stamps  The Market Stamp artwork was designed to be printed the size of credit cards.  You will probably get the best deal by sending your finished artwork to a professional business card printer.  Most business card print shops have a graphic artist in-house, so you could get your artwork and printing done at the same place.  Please keep your Market Stamps the size of credit cards.  This will make them easier to trade with others and easier to keep in cash registers and wallets.  The easier they are to trade with others, the easier it will be to conduct 3rd party transactions. 

Step 4;  Create your own secret code and hand-write it somewhere on the Market Stamp.  Defending Against Fraud This will help you protect yourself, and those in your circle of trust, from counterfeiting.  Then anyone in your circle of trust can contact you and ask if you really issued a Market Stamp they are thinking about accepting from a third party.  You can also contact others and ask them the same question before accepting a Market Stamp as payment.   

Step 5;  Sign your name.   Once you sign your name, your Market Stamps become active.

Step 6;  CIRCULATE THEM! Circulating Your Market Stamps  You can donate them, sell them or spend them.  But be careful not to issue and spend more than you can redeem, and be careful not to accept more than you think the issuer can redeem.  Slowly grow your circle of trust.



1.Find a farmer, a grocery store and a restaurant to trade with.  Everybody needs food, so Market Stamps issued by food providers will be the most universally accepted.  Food providers, please recognize your power here!

2.Create Market Stamps of different value so you can more easily purchase items of different value. For example; One Market Stamp worth 1/2 pound of potatoes, another worth 1 pound.

3.Try to create Market Stamps worth close to $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50, etc.   This will make them easier to count, easier to put in piles according to value, and easier to trade with others.

4.Donate your Market Stamps to charitable causes the same way you currently donate gift certificates.  This is a good way to build your circle of trust while benefitting your community and marketing yourself.

5.Sell your Market Stamps (Like in the Deli Dollars video above) as a way to raise Federal Reserve Notes to pay off debts you owe to those who only accept Federal Reserve Notes.  Just be careful not to create more than you can redeem. 

6.Regulate the amount of Market Stamps you acquire by accepting combinations of Market Stamps and Federal Reserve Notes, according to your needs.

7.Find out where your employees shop, then try to get those businesses to accept your Market Stamps.  This will make it possible for you to convince your employees to accept your Market Stamps as a form of payment.

8.Give rewards to those who accept full payment in Market Stamps by paying more than the price they ask. 



1. Q.How can I buy gas or pay my bills with Market Stamps?

A.You probably can't.  However, you can SAVE the Federal Reserve Notes you would normally spend on food and some other things, and use THOSE to pay for your gas and pay your bills.  Over time, you can also reduce the amount of Federal Reserve Notes you need by finding vendors who accept your Market Stamps, and by getting rid of bills.  See the 'Become Self Sufficient' tab above.

2. Q.How would I report this on my income taxes?

A.The same way you would report any income.

3. Q.How do I know someone isn't going to counterfeit?

A.You should expect someone to try to counterfeit, but there are several ways to protect yourself; 1.Start slowly; don't accept too many Market Stamps from any one issuer, and redeem them with the issuer often.  2.Call the issuer and ask them if they issued the Market Stamps you're thinking of accepting before you accept from a third party.  3.Keep track of the Market Stamps you issue and use a good secret code. 4.Scare the crap out of future counterfeiters by prosecuting to the full extent of the law.

4. Q.How can I get people to accept my Market Stamps if I have no products or services to offer?

A.There are very few people in the world with NOTHING to offer.  Get creative.  Most people overlook different forms of labor as 'something to offer'.  But if you are unable to think of anything, sorry, but you will probably not be able to get people to accept your Market Stamps.

5. Q.What if I believe an issuer is creating more Market Stamps than they can redeem?

A.Make a 'bank run'.   Go redeem all of that issuers' Market Stamps immediately.  This is a great way to keep an issuer honest, and keep the system clean.  If you are an issuer, expect others to do the same to you!  Think of a bank run as a healthy thing; like taking a shower, or cleaning out a junk drawer.  

6. Q.Shouldn't I just go buy gold and avoid the trouble of developing trust in my Market Stamps?

A. As long as other people are around, you're still going to need a currency system.  Eventually you would run out of gold, but you don't ever have to run out of Market Stamps.  Gold, silver, Bitcoins, food and land might make great stores of wealth, but not great currency.  Keep in mind, throughout history those with most of the gold have created the currency.  They convince everyone that it will be great if they print paper backed with gold.  Eventually they remove the gold backing, then they print a lot more paper and use the paper to buy a lot more gold.  The paper returns to being worthless, but they still have the gold and are ready to repeat the cycle.  In the short run you might think that buying gold is a smart thing to do, and until Market Stamps get going it probably is.  But in the long run, gold has just become a tool used to enslave us.  The Market Stamp system provides a way to break this system of enslavement.    

7. Q.Fiat systems always collapse.   Why should I trust this fiat system?

A.This could possibly be the world's first "barter-backed" currency system.  This system is backed with goods and services of the individual issuers, and unlike most fiat systems of the past, this one is not centrally controlled by a corrupt government or banking cartel that wants to make slaves of others for the sake of funding war or great public works.  But don't trust the system; only trust the people you trade with, and only on a limited basis.  This system is only as good as the people you trade with.

8. Q.Are Market Stamps a 'real currency' if they are just gift certificates?

A.When people start to trade them instead of just redeem them with the issuer, Market Stamps will make the jump from "just gift certificates" to 'real currency'.  You can help Market Stamps make that jump by creating your Market Stamps according to the instructions above.

9. Q.I've never heard of this system before.  How do I know I can trust it?

A.You can't and you shouldn't.  Don't trust anyone.  Don't trust those stuck in the old paradigm, don't trust the politicians on TV, don't trust the lady at church or the guy at the bar.  Research it yourself.  Compare and cross-reference everything you see and hear.  See the "Learn Economics" tab above to get started.

10. Q.Why should I switch to a new currency system when the Dollar is doing so well compared to other currencies?

A.All currencies which are tied to the Dollar are in a "race to the bottom".  It's a question of which currency is being inflated the fastest.  Imagine 10 skydivers who have jumped out of an airplane.  The "strongest" jumper is the one furthest from the ground (sinking the slowest), but they're ALL sinking (losing buying power).  You'll know when a currency is moving "away from the ground" (gaining buying power) when a government starts talking about LOWERING the minimum wage.

11. Q.What if an issuer dies?

A.The trust that an issuer builds up is an asset.  When that issuer dies, other people will seek to inherit that trust.  These people may be the family of the deceased, or the new owner of the business, or the competitors.  The more solid the business of the issuer, the greater the chance that your Market Stamps will hold their value even if the issuer dies.   

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